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The oldest resort of Pamukkale

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The history of Turkish resorts is shrouded in countless ancient and beautiful legends, and the area called Pamukkale proves once again.

Translated into Russian, the word “Pamukkale” means “Cotton Castle”. So, according to one of the legends, local snow -white rocky mountains are a crop of cotton harvested by mythical titans and left here for drying.

Unique local landscape has no analogues around the world. For many centuries, the thermal sources of Pamukkale created a similar phenomenon.

Speaking of sources. They are concentrated on a volcanic board, where water jets rich in calcium are knocked out from under the crown of the Earth.

For several millennia, the water of hot springs, flowing down the slopes of the rocks and falling a waterfall with their ledges, created a bewitching natural landscape. Calcium, cooling in the air, froze, thereby creating cascades, pools and terraces that resemble in their forms inverted bowls.

According to legend, it is in this area that the front door to the kingdom of Hades is located.

Among other things, Pamukkale belongs to the most ancient resorts not only in the country, but throughout the world. The ancient Hellenes knew very well about the healing properties of local sources, maybe they decided to establish the ancient city of Heraspolis (or Heraspolis) here.

Soon, a stream of people from all over the world who came here for healing struck the city. Unfortunately, many earthquakes played a role in the modern appearance of the city – most of the buildings of the ancient period were destroyed.

While in Hiraspolis, it is necessary to visit the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo, the gates of Domitian, the ancient amphitheater.

The city of Pamukkale is known in the country by another legend, according to which the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra came here in order to preserve her beauty.

Local thermal springs are famous not only with healing, but also by rejuvenating properties. So, on the top of one of the mountains, there is still a bath Cleopatra. There are many other unusual places with the name of the Egyptian beauty in the country. Among those, Cleopatra beach and Cleopatra island in the Aegean Sea.

Staying in Pamukkale, there is a feeling that you are really in ancient times among the great people who performed history.

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