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Modernized Jeep Wrangler from A. Kahn Design

by dnews7

Tuning atelier a. Kahn Design, previously known as Project Kahn demonstrated an interesting version of the modified Jeep Wrangler SUV. Experts prepared a new radiator grill, new brake calipers, a new exhaust system with four pipe, a new lining that closes the spare wheel. The design of the side lights and repeaters, the design of the gas tank cover, was also revised, new mudguards were installed, pedal overlays were installed and high -light indicator was installed.

Experts from the eminent tuning atelier developed and repainted the SUV in a unique color, which gives the car a special charisma and a sports look. It is worth noting that experts also offer to replace standard glass with bulletproof, replace standard lights with LEDs, replace standard wheels with a new set with 20-inch RS Khan discs painted in body color. And this is not all, for an additional fee, experts will develop a unique design for the owners using any materials. So the cost of a tuned jeep wrangler depends only on the needs and capabilities of potential buyers.

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