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Mercedes Gl Grand Edition by Carlsson

by dnews7

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the German Tuning Atelier Carlsson demonstrated its new work on the tuning of the German Mercedes Gl Grand Edition all -around, under the name CGL45. The tuned Mercedes received a new body kit that includes new wider front and rear bumers, wide wheel arches, a new massive radiator grille. As well as a new set of wheels and an exhaust stainless steel system.

In addition to external changes, it is worth noting an increase in power to 310 liters. With. and 700 nm, recall that the standard Mercedes engine was able to give out only 265 liters. With. and 620 nm torque. A more powerful Mercedes GL 500 modification was also refined after which the engine power increased to 435 liters. With. and 600 Newton meters of torque. The standard suspension was replaced by a new one with the ability to regulate a road clearance at speeds up to 60 km/h. And of course, the design of the salon was completely redone, which began to include a more expensive finish and a new multimedia installation. If you want to become the happy owner of a tuned alternate Mercedes GL, you will have to fork out in the amount of $ 120,000.

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