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New Audi R8

by dnews7

More recently, we became aware that the German company Audi is preparing an updated version for fans of its sports car that will appear on sale already in 2013. In addition, the first spy photos of the 2013 Audi R8 appeared on the Web, the body of which was masked by a special camouflage film, but even despite it you can examine in detail all the changes.

The appearance of the updated version will be very similar to the previously presented prototype R8 E-Tron. Speaking in more detail, the 2013 model acquired a new hexagonal shape of the lattice, as well as new LED headlights. The rear lights and nozzles of the exhaust system are made exactly like the modification of GT, which is shown in the photo. As for technical improvements, there will be an improved 4 under the hood of R8. 2 liter V8 engine, as well as updated 5. 2 liter V10 pairs with a double-tronic box with double and developing about 540 liters. With. How the novelty is expected to officially be presented at the Paris Motor Show in September this year. By the way, by clicking on the link of the HBO Kyiv, you will learn everything about gas equipment.

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