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Pork boots

by dnews7

Often we need to quench the hunger that has arisen, and then there is nothing better than taking fragrant and hearty meatballs made of pork minced meat and eat them with a side dish or just with bread like a sandwich.

What needs to be taken:

Onion – 2 pcs.;

Egg – 2 pcs.;

Pork – 500 g;

Milk – 100 ml;

Baton – 3 slices;

Potatoes – 1 pc.;

Vegetable oil;


Cutlet cooking process

In order for pork minced meat cutlets to be soft and tender, the meat for them must be twisted 2 times on a meat grinder. Soak the loaf in slightly heated milk. Twist through a meat grinder separately soaked bread, onions and potatoes – without these components, cooking pork cutlets is inconceivable. After mixing all of the above ingredients, salt and pepper the minced meat to taste. If you want, you can add spices pork minced meat cutlets – then they will have a more piquant taste. Then add the eggs and stir everything thoroughly again so that the resulting mixture is homogeneous.

Make cakes from the cooked minced meat and give them the shape of the boat. Roll them on both sides in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until pork meatballs are covered with golden crust.

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