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Since ancient times, it was believed that the most natural fabric is cotton. Cotton things are better than synthetic. From synthetics, many have allergies. But now it turned out that cotton linen is also not natural. Why? When growing cotton, chemical fertilizers are used. In further production, chemicals are again used to whiten and stain fabric. All this can cause allergic reactions, especially in childhood. In addition, the ecology is irreparable harm. Fertilizers and chemicals harm Flora and fauna. In addition, the land after planting cotton is restored for a long time and new lands are needed. Natural balance is disturbed.

Now, while still in small volumes, the production of textiles from unconventional raw materials is restored: hemp, bamboo, soy, corn, algae, and crab shell. For many, the hemp is associated with drugs. And this is quite reasonable. In some countries, hemp cultivation is prohibited. Although hemp linen has many advantages. In its qualities, it surpasses cotton and linen. The process of growing and processing hemp is cheaper, and the environmental and therapeutic effect is much higher. Hemp from hemp is durable and anti -allergenic, while light and soft to the touch.

Soon on store shelves will appear bedding of hemp, the so -called Hemp. Natural hemp fiber, which is used in bedding and as their filler. It is believed that in the future the hemp canvas will exceed the popularity of the linen.

The first idea of ​​ecologically safe fabrics was the famous couturier: Stella McCartney, Georgio Armani and Levi Strauss designers. They create various things: shorts, jeans, sweaters, outerwear. Environmentally friendly fabrics are indispensable for the production of underwear, clothes for expectant mothers and children. Thus, we are given a great opportunity to take care of our health and health of our children, acquiring clothes and linen from environmentally friendly fabrics.

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