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Parma: Italian tourist corner

by dnews7

They say that once having been in Italy, you probably want to return here again. This country has a special charm and rich culture, which can be known all your life. However, tourist trips, unfortunately, have their own time frames.

That is why it is important to understand which Italian cities deserve your attention in the first place.

One of these cities is Parma. It is known that during the Second World War, this corner of Italy was very destroyed, but the skillful masters of our time did everything so that the city regained its former splendor again.

In the minds of the Russian tourist Parma, first of all, is associated with the world -famous cheese – Parmesan. In addition to dishes based on it, in urban restaurants you should try Parm ham, converts with ricotto and local tiramisu.

Of the cultural attractions, it is simply necessary to visit the majestic Palace of Pilott, Square J. Garibaldi, Citadel Santa Kroche, the famous Parm fortress, which was mentioned in his novels by the greatest writer Stejal, as well as a unique embankment without a river.


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