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The fastest version of Mazda MX-5

by dnews7

This year, the British GT championship will participate such models of sports cars as Aston Martin N24, Lotus Evora GT4, Nissan 370Z and Mazdza MX-5. Moreover, the latter will be not just a standard version, but upgraded, engineers turned the Roger with a soft roof into a real racing car. The first thing that was done was the maximum weight loss and installing a four -chiller 2. 0 liter power unit whose power is even about 209 horsepower.

A new six -speed sequential gearbox Hewland was also installed, steering wheel petals. Thanks to the new transmission, the MAZDA MX-5 engine, the engine and lightweight body is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds, while the maximum speed of the Japanese relatives is 260 km/h/h/h. The British GT championship consists of nine rounds, which will take up 7 weekends, the first race will be held in Olton Park in County Cheshire from April 7 to 9. Of the external features of a special version, it is worth noting black discs, green body green color and vinyl stickers, all this gives a complete realization that this is a sports car.

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