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The grenade city, that is, Granada, is famous for the fact that it is here that the most famous Spanish landmark is located – Algambra. This palace of Muslim kings is actually the most commonly visited by the Spanish monument – every year there are about eight million travelers! As a result of this, you should keep in mind that in the summer of the year, due to the abundance of tourists in the palace, it simply has nowhere to fall. There was even an interesting case when one of the travelers acquired about 600 tickets, but he was able to take a walk along the palace alone, only thirty minutes, after which tourists were again flooded with Alghambra. So if you do not want to inspect the palace surrounded by hundreds of other history of interest, then you will have to go on vacation either in winter or at the very beginning of spring.

However, you will like the grenade city at any time of the year. For example, in winter you can quickly get to a ski resort located in Sierra Nevada, which, incidentally, is not so often visited by foreign vacationers-mostly Spaniards rest here. This resort is in no way inferior to alpine ski resorts, and, of course, here you can ride both along complex routes and unusually easy, which includes almost gentle slopes that are perfect for those who take their first steps in the first steps Ski sports.

You can combine skiing on ski routes with swimming in the sea, however, for this you will have to go down the mountain, heading not towards Granada, but towards the so -called tropical coast. It is known for tropical fruits growing here, which includes Chirimoye, as well as beautiful white -stone towns, which at first glance is very similar to Arab settlements. The sea washing the coast, even in April and October, is quite warm for bathing, and you can accept sunbathing baths.

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