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Pork clipping stewed with apples

by dnews7


Porking half a kilogram

1 tablespoon of senior flour

2 tablespoons of butter

1 head onion head

1 apple of grade “Golden”

One and a half glasses of chicken broth (you can vegetable)

2 bay leaves,

1 tablespoon of mustard (in grains)

Parsley or celery


Pork clipping stewed with apples requires preparation. Take flour, add very little salt to it. Chop the onion into small pieces. We remove the core from the apple and cut the fetus into thin slices (you do not need to clean the apple). Pork clipping stewed with apples will be prepared with 2 centimeter pieces (cut perpendicular to the fibers).


We melt the butter to a liquid state and pour it into a frying pan, which will fill a pork clipping stewed with apples. Next, we lie down pieces of pork in flour (which we did not forget to salt) and put it in a hot frying pan. Pork clipping stewed with apples is prepared in stages. Fry the meat and store it in a plate. We throw onions into the frying pan and pass it until golden. Until the onion is ready, add a slice of apple to the pan, which will be ready when the bow is browned. So that the onions and apples do not get drunk, we begin to add broth to the pan. Stir all the time.

Onions and apples are ready? So, pork clipping stewed with apples, returns to fire. Add bay leaf, pour mustard. The broth in a pan should boil, then stew for another 15-20 minutes. If necessary, add broth or water. Когда свиная вырезка, тушенная с яблоками, будет готова, раскладываем на тарелки и посыпаем зеленью.

Bon appetit!

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