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Cheese and jam

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Black bread (callous)


jam (jam)



In order to make a sandwich with cheese and jam, you need to buy bread in advance and wait until it becomes callous. Do not try to save time, taking fresh bread, otherwise a sandwich with cheese and jam will not work. If time is running out, use the oven to quickly dry fresh bread. It is also necessary to buy butter and cheese, get a jar of the most delicious jam from the cellar.


From the stale (read the dried) bread, you need to get small pieces of bizarre shape. You can cut out with a knife, or you can use the achievements of science and cut the pieces for a sandwich with cheese and jam recesses for cookies. Each piece of bread must be smeared with oil and provided with a sliced ​​cheese. By the way, the cheese also needs to be given a form, preferably similar to the shape of bread.

We do not dwell on the recesses for cookies and continue to use the high -tech achievements of science – we pick up the cornet in our hands and draw a jam on the cheese. Remember! If there are no recesses for cookies and cornet, a knife and spoon will fit. The main thing that requires a sandwich with cheese and jam is a fantasy!

Due to the creative processing of bread and cheese, a sandwich with cheese and jam is a great success in children. Please them!

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