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Let’s remember our traditional Russian salads today today.   A salad of boiled vegetables from the middle of the 19th century began to be called “Vinaigrette”. He was loved in other states. In some countries they began to call him a “Russian salad” and consider it rightfully Russian national dish. The origin of this word is associated with the Latin “vinos” – sour, which emphasizes the taste of the dish. “Russian salad” can be cooked by replacing some products with others, using all your knowledge in cooking. But today I will tell you how to cook Russian salad, according to a classic recipe. He is from the category of simple Russian salads and will not require any unusual knowledge from you in cooking. All ingenious is simple!


1 beets;

3 carrots;

4 potatoes;

2 hundredth cucumber;

1 cup of mushrooms (salty or pickled);


Raising. -Oil or mayonnaise;

spicy sauce;

green onions;



Sugar to taste


Boil vegetables. Potatoes, beets, carrots and peeled cucumbers cut into thin slices, onions – half rings.

Salt, pepper, add sugar, season vinaigrette with vegetable oil or mayonnaise with the addition of acute sauce (for example, “South”).

In the seasoned vinaigrette, add finely chopped mushrooms.

Decorate with greens and rings of onions.

Bon appetit!

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