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Salad “delight”

by dnews7

Baranina fillet salad is not only original in appearance, but also very nutritious. In each portion 395 calories. In addition, the salad is beautiful thanks to the seasonings. It is seasonings that give sophistication to the dish.

When preparing a salad with certain taste, good vinegar is very important. Do not make deviations from a real recipe, and you will receive a wonderful dish that will bring you real pleasure.


1 head of kochani:

8 very small tomatoes;

a small bunch of salad leaves;

400 g of lamb or veal fillets;



1 h. spoon of thyme;

200 g of fresh mushrooms;

2 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar;

4 tbsp. tablespoons of vegetable oil;

1 blue onion.  


Clean the kohlrabi, divide in half, cut into slices and put out in a small amount of water for 7 minutes on a slight fire;

Cut the tomatoes with slices, rinse and dry the salad;

Salt the pieces of fillet, pepper, sprinkle with thyme and fry in a pan in preheated oil on each side for 7 minutes, half covering with a lid;

Then transfer to another dish and close the lid;

Fry the peeled mushrooms in a pan, salt, pepper;

On plates, lay out in layers salad and tomatoes, then warm mushrooms, pieces of fillet and kohlrabi;

Pepper, salt, sprinkle with gas and oil gaskets;

Garnish on the top rings on top.

Bon appetit!

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