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Side Türkiye, rest and history

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On the picturesque green peninsula near the city of Antalya is a resort of Side. At the bottom of this article there is a beautiful video about the hotel near Side 4 stars.

Side has an amazing nature. It is surrounded by orange groves, and pine forests stretch along the slopes of the mountains. Sailors and yachts lined up in beautiful bays. Old pretty houses with tiled roofs are huddled on narrow streets, and modern fashionable hotels are located on the seashore.

Not far from Side there are several more small resorts: Titreengel, Kumkei, Cholakla and Maganaut.

Titreengel is located east of the city. Its main feature is that it combines amazing beaches and pine forests, approaching very close to the shore.

Kumke will amaze guests with amazing bays with clean transparent water and soft beaches ideal for family holidays.

Cholakla is a very small village of 14 km from Side, also the owner of wonderful beaches.

Maganaut is also a village and stands 6 km from the city, in the northeast.

A little story of Side

The city of Side was founded by Greek sailors in the 7th century BC. The name of the city has an interesting translation – “grenade”. And the thing is that before this fruit was a symbol of fertility. From a small village, Side quickly grew into an important trading port. He became the center of the slave trade and the refuge of the pirates. Side had a very profitable location and possessed fertile lands, and therefore was a tidbit for many conquerors. Both the Persians and the ancient Lycians visited here. The city was won by Alexander Macedonian, and Seleucids, and Ptolemy. After the city joined the Pergamon kingdom. Since then, many ancient monuments have been preserved in the SID. These are the ruins of the ancient Greek port, the temples of Athena and Apollo, Roman baths, necropolis, beautiful fountain and ruins of the shopping center. And, probably, the most important thing is an amphitheater designed to accept up to 20,000 spectators. The amphitheater was built right on the slope of the hill, it is supported by numerous arches and columns.

Once upon a time, the city of Side served to meet the notorious Anthony and Cleopatra. A small town with long beaches, descending into a warm sea, with beautiful buildings, captivating with its beauty, even conquered the queen.

Not far from Side are the cities of Perga and Aspendos

Perge was founded after the Trojan War. Inside it you can see Roman baths, necropolis, Hellenic gates and a magnificent arena of gladiators.

Aspendos has an amphitheater built in the 2nd century BC. This theater has amazing acoustics, even a whisper from his scene will be heard by everyone present. It is not surprising that performances are still held in the theater.

Rest in Side

In the seat you can do various sports and just relax on the beach. By the way, the beaches of the resort have rewards for environmental cleanliness.

Side is one of the attractive cities for shopping. Exotic oriental bazaars, many shops and shops offer everything: from souvenirs and jewelry to beautiful clothes, carpets and many other things.

The city of Side is also famous for its restaurants and cafes. Here you will taste the best seafood dishes, Turkish cuisine and magnificent oriental sweets that even gourmets will like gourmets.

A beautiful town with picturesque nature, fashionable hotels will provide an amazing and comfortable rest for coming. In addition, we also remember that the entire tour in the SID will be much cheaper in wholesale (without the margin of tour operators) prices.

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