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You are interested in history? You like to inspect ancient attractions, and you want the rest to be remembered for life? Then go to southern Moravia, which can provide you with the most diverse ways of entertainment, starting from visits to ancient monuments and ending with excursions to impassive Gothic castles and amazing caves that cause a thrill. By the way, if you are lovers of wine, then you will also like a trip to Southern Moravia, since vineyards have been grown in this region for more than a thousand years, and you can visit private family cellars where you will try local wines and also take a walk. Between the vineyards, watching how this berry ripens

Southern Moravia is also famous for therapeutic resorts with sanatoriums in which you can significantly correct your own health, pass the restoring or relaxation program, thanks to which you will not only relieve fatigue and improve the general condition of the body, but can also lose weight a little.

Be sure to visit a tour of the Royal city of Slemo, which is located in the Snotomsky dungeon. It will be no less interesting to visit the National Park in Chizhov, visit local castles, as well as the Moravian Karst reserve, where you will inspect unique caves that are decorated with stalactites.

In addition, South Moravia is famous for folklore events regularly carried out in the region, each of which is unique and leaves an indelible impression. So, numerous festivals are held here, and one of the most famous is the folk festival in the village of a Guardian, which, we note, is among the open -air museums.

And finally, relaxing here, you can buy interesting souvenirs, for example, any jewelry, ceramic product, ice or straw wine. And in the city of Brno, international fairs are often held, there are immediately a huge number of shops, shopping centers and stores.

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