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Headaches – the lot of women?

by dnews7

Studies have shown that chronic pains, including migraines, more often and more more tormented by women. In particular, on headaches, pains in the neck, shoulders, knees and backs complains 50% more than the fairer sex. Migraines in women are two and a half times more often. The pain is considered chronic if it lasts more than six months and is practically not to be treated. In addition, more women suffer from fibromyalgia – spilled, prolonged pain, irritable intestines and rheumatoid arthritis. Women often complain of several pain symptoms at the same time, which can lead to psychological problems. In girls, as they mature, more and more complaints about pain appear, while in boys the number of complaints remains approximately at the same level. Pain of pain also depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle. For example, pain in the temples increase before menstruation and during menstruation. So far, scientists cannot explain why women are more likely to complain of pain. Perhaps the case is in female sex hormones, such as estrogen. Also, men tend to treat pain only as physical sensations. And women pay more attention to the emotional component of pain, which is why they are even more intensified. Experts advise women to perceive pain as a physical condition that you can successfully fight, and then they will defeat her.

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