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The most powerful BMW M5

by dnews7

Bavarian company BMW has published a new version of the sports sedan M5. Recall that this is only the fifth generation of the BMW M5 model in 27 years. The novelty is equipped with a new V8 engine, which replaced the V10, but despite the reduction of the power of the new motor increased by 10%, torque grew by 30%, but at the same time fuel consumption also decreased by 30%. This makes him the most powerful serial version of BMW from ever created.

As for the dynamic characteristics of the new BMW M5 BM5, the car requires only 4, 3 seconds to overcome the mark from 0 to 100 km/h, and the maximum speed of the sports sedan is as always limited by electronics at a mark of 250 km/h. But if you remove the electronic speed limiter, then the BMW M5 will be able to overcome the mark of 305 km/h. In addition to the new engine, the Bavarian sedan also received a new seven -speed transmission with double clutch. It will be possible to distinguish the standard version from charged by M5 nameplates, sports brake sorts, sports 20-inch alloy discs and a body kit M PERFORMANCE.

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