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Visited Belek – Happy Man

by dnews7

More than two hundred years ago, Sultan Abdul-Aziz ordered to plant millions of coniferous seedlings on a large section of the coast from Antalya to Kemer. Today there is one of the most famous and fashionable resorts of the Antalyan coast of Turkey – Belek. It used to be a small village – today it is a city and area with the same name.

Almost thirty kilometers of spacious sandy beaches, calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea with a gentle entrance to the water, coniferous air, design planning of hotel architecture and adjacent park areas attract many tourists here. Rest in Beleke prefers families with children, companies of friends, lovers of active, cheerful or calm pastime. Comfortable hotels of the highest categories or club type provide such opportunities. Conditions for learning riding have been created, there are pedestrian and treadmills, you can go for a walking sea excursion, fishing, rafting, engage in Paraseling, play tennis, ride with water horns. Belek’s special pride is the fields for playing golf. Many of them are known throughout the world by beauty, difficulty levels and modern arrangement. There are also football fields, including for training professional athletes.

The uniqueness of the nature of the Belek is also known – the area of ​​the city is decorated with pine and eucalyptus trees. National Kanyon Kepryul National Park is the main attraction that is located between the mountains of Toros and the sea. Many rare species of plant endemics and dozens of bird species live here. The impeccable state of ecology is also confirmed by masonry of eggs of the Karetta Turtle, which choose this particular section of the coast for regular reproduction. Caanon’s steep cliffs restrain the streams of a noisy and powerful river Cocate. The narrow part of Kepruil is connected by the Roman bridge Oluk Copro, built in the second century. The arch of the bridge is preserved at an altitude of 27 meters above the river.

Fans of ancient architecture necessarily visit the ruins of ancient cities of Perg and Aspendos. The stadium and the atrium theater have been perfectly preserved on the territory of Pergen, and in Aspends the amphitheater looks so beautiful that various cultural events are often held here-festivals and concerts and concerts.

Of the modern attractions of Belek, the Park of Religions is interesting. The true unity of people belonging to different cultures and religion was embodied in the neighborhood of the Christian Church, the synagogue and mosque in the territory of one beautiful park.

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