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What is special in the city of Pisa?

by dnews7

How does he attract tourists so much? There really is no end to people who came to personally meet this city.

Most of the mention of this city recall only the famous tower, which will not fall. This is really a business card of Pisa. It is hardly, of course, she will fall – it will prophesy from the very first day of her opening, that is, from 1173. However, now its inclination is already five meters! Everyone should see the falling tower, so go to Pisa at least for this.

However, this is far from all that is worth going to this city. Only in the famous miracle Square there are three buildings that are worthy of attention. For example, the Duomo Cathedral is the standard of architecture of the Romano-Pizan style. They have been admiring them for almost a thousand years, and still a view of this building brings people into awe.

You will be affected by both white -gramin cylindrical Baptisteria and other architectural masterpieces of Pisa. If you have the opportunity to go on a trip, then be sure to spend your time on a trip to Pisa. You will be delighted with it and enjoy it.

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