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Available vacation in Crimea, in fishing

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The Crimean Peninsula has always been considered one of the best places for vacation. However, so many wonderful resorts are located in the Crimea that tourists are often faced with a difficult and painful choice. Of course, first of all, it is worth focusing on your desires and preferences, and not to follow fashion and go, for example, to Yalta, if you actually prefer calm resorts.

The resort village of Rybachye in Crimea is just suitable for those who want to relax and not be involved in the vanity, even a resort. Rybachye is located 30 km east of Alushta. This resort is a vivid example of the breathtaking natural beauty of the Crimea, and many tourists annually order tours online and come here only for her sake.

Beautiful equipped beaches, cliffs, pushing into the noisy sea, dizzying beauty landscapes and clean air – this is what will delight you daily if you choose a resort of Rybachye for relaxation. The environmental level of the village is very high, as it is quite removed from the industrialized regions of Crimea. In the village you will find many pleasant little things that will make the resort one of your favorite.

This part of the peninsula is famous for its soft and healing climate, so it is worth coming here to improve your health, get rid of accumulated stress, improve mood and stock up in a huge amount of energy. Such a climate is very useful for people suffering from diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems. Due to the life-giving air of the resort of Rybachye, sanatoriums and boarding houses are located here, where modern therapeutic methods are used, such as massage, treatment with fruits, berries and their juices, physiotherapy and much more.

As mentioned earlier, the resort of Rybachye attracts tourists to its calm and relaxing atmosphere. However, there is also what to entertain yourself. The village is a modern developed resort, where you will find many bars, cafes, restaurants and private mini hotels. The local market annually breaks from a large number of fruits and vegetables that will help you replenish your body with all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

The resort of Rybachye is not deprived of natural attractions. Having wandered around the neighborhood, you can detect the Jur-Jur waterfall, which is the most full-flowing throughout the Crimean peninsula. Especially for tourists at the resort, excursions are organized on the Ghost Valley and Mount Demerji, which is considered the pearl of Crimea. If you want to find yourself among the noise and live atmosphere for an hour or two, then there is an opportunity to go to the Alushta dolphinarium, to Yalta or go to Massandra’s wine village to taste magnificent wines.

You can come to Rybachye to rest all year round, since it is warm enough even in winter, when the average temperature reaches only +3 ° C. Tourists love this resort in the winter, when fishing in mountain lakes is popular. In addition, in Rybachi you can pick mushrooms that grow here even in December-January.

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