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Boiled fried potatoes

by dnews7


potatoes (how much the soul wishes)




Preparation of potatoes is that you need to take a certain amount of potatoes (as we recall – how much the soul will wish) and wash it with a thought. The preparations are ending on this.


We take a pan, pour clean potatoes there and fill it with water (or vice versa). Add salt to taste and put on fire. We expect him to boil (be sure to ensure that the potatoes do not boil), gently drain the water. We take out potatoes from the pan, remove it from the peel and cut into slices about 1 centimeter thick.

Next, take the pan, put the butter in it and wait until the oil melts and heats up. After that, carefully put the slices of potatoes in the pan (do not pour, but spread in one row) and expect it to be browned (do not forget to turn over so that both sides are golden in color). We do this with all potatoes. Then, if necessary, we salt potatoes again (but most likely it will be necessary), put on a baking sheet or in the same pan. And put in the oven until the moment of serving to the table. We do the latter if we do not immediately serve on the table.

Bon appetit!

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