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How to hide signs of sleepless night?

by dnews7

In this article, I would like to consider such a large -massive and such popular problem as traces of fatigue on the face – which of us did not “walk” for the whole night or did not “memorize” as much as two before the exam? And what to do in the morning remains a question that you are painfully trying to solve for half an hour – as a result, rinsing your face with icy water, applying a terrible layer of tonalnik you go to study, work, on business – you are tormented all day that you look not “ah!»Yes, and others constantly ask how you feel ..

To avoid this type of problem – and there are a number of funds that allow you to look as if you slept for a whole week, and before that there were two more on the seashore and did nothing, occasionally walked to redeem in salt water. You need to start the outfit. To hide bruises, you can use a consulter. A consiller is a special tool for masking various signs of fatigue around the eyes, that is, bruises, dark spots, etc. I recommend that the Physicians Formula Conceled Twins Stick 2-In-1 Correct and Cover-excellent consigner! After the eyes were disguised, let’s proceed to the face in general. Today, refusing the usual tonal cream is better flickering powder, for example, here you can prefer PressCriptives Illuminating Potion or Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightener in Peach Light – there are special particles in these powders that will catch light and reflect it, so that you will be on the one hand, so that you will be on the one hand, so that you will look, as if just from the catwalk, and on the other fresh, resting and naturally.

Putting the powder, do not forget the light, pink blush – it also refreshes his face and gives the impression of a rested, healthy skin. It is best to take the lip gloss to the color of blush – it is shine. He will give the impression of naturalness.

The advantages of such makeup are lightness, simplicity, and at the same time you will look one hundred percent! So you can become so easy after a sleepless night, completely sleepy – in any case, no one will notice that the whole night was, perhaps, it was spent not at all on a pillow with closed eyes ..

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