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Simeiz resort in Crimea

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Simeiz – is located at the foot of the mountain with the interesting name “cat”. This is the only resort on the entire southern coast of Crimea, located in the juniper grove. In addition to this distinctive detail, it is worth noting that the resort landscapes are incredibly beautiful – rocky cliffs, picturesque parks, emerald sea, pebble beaches.

Thanks to a special microclimate, rest in Simeiz will be healing. Salted air, sun, coniferous forests, clean sea and equipped beaches – all this will not only give you pleasure, but also improve your body. It is this combination of pleasant with useful annually that attracts thousands of tourists here. Due to the special location in the shelter of the Crimean mountains, Simeiz is famous for its pleasant climate-the north winds do not walk here, but the sea brings coolness that dilutes the summer heat.

One of the most popular places in Simeiz is, of course, the beach. The beach in Simeiz Gamele, like the rest of the beaches on the southern coast, but it is especially beautiful. The symbol of the resort village is the rock of the diva, which covers the beach on the western side and naturally creates a bay that is ideal for bathing.

If you arrived to have fun, and especially if you arrived with children, be sure to visit the Blue Bay water park, which is located right at the foot of Mount Cat. In it you can try out 11 different attractions and get a huge number of unforgettable minutes of fun. One of the advantages of this water park is a flexible pricing policy – children under 12 years of age are given a discount, and children under 3 years of age are completely free.

Simeiz enables diving lovers to plunge into the underwater world of the Black Sea. Professional instructor Diving the Aquapolis club will prepare you both morally and physically, and you will remember these amazing moments of unity with nature for a long time. The work of the club is organized so that everyone can diving at almost any time. You can take equipment at the box office, or buy a club in the store store.

To relax and relax your soul, go to the park area, which is located near the main street of the resort. The park is planted with 70 types of trees and shrubs, the most remarkable of which are Lavrovishna, Japanese weeping Sophora and Oak Stone. Walking around the park, you can inspect local monuments and sculptures.

Rest in Simeiz will perfectly affect your state of mind, and you will feel the favorable atmosphere of the resort even at the physical level. Moreover, we offer you tours without a margin here.

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