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Vegetable stew with mushrooms

by dnews7

Today I suggest you cook vegetable stews with mushrooms – a very tasty, light and completely lean dish. Required components for vegetable stews: • 700 g of fresh zucchini (you can use freshly frozen vegetables), • 1 large piece of sweet bell pepper in bright colors, • 1 root of celery (can be replaced with parsley root), • 2 large carrots, • 2 on -on bulbs, • 2 counters • 3-4 tomatoes, • 1 bank (300 g) of canned beans, • A little, about 250 g of any mushrooms, • Greens and salt. Preparation: finely chop the future vegetable mix. Cut the mushrooms each by quarters (if the mushrooms are too large, you can divide them into a larger number of parts). Cut the peppers for vegetable stews with mushrooms into strips. Blanch and divide the tomatoes into pieces. Let’s proceed to the preparation of vegetable stews: put a stewpan with a small amount of lean oil on the fire, we will first lay out the root of celery and onions, then carrots and zucchini. Fry the stew for about 5 minutes, add mushrooms, pepper and tomatoes. Let’s fry for another 6 minutes, after which we will do a couple of spoons of water, salt and cover it with a lid. After 3 minutes, add the beans, greens, let’s let the vegetable stew with mushrooms for another 2 minutes, and you can invite households to the table.

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